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Don Draper Is Dead_Cover Don Draper is dead. Want to know what killed him? The thing he loved most – Advertising. It was a long battle and he fought hard. But in the end he just couldn’t keep up the fight. As we all know, Don Draper was an ad man from the 1960’s. He focused his entire career on Interruptive Marketing. He made ads that got in our way.

But the Internet came along and brands had more ways to reach, engage people. And now the consumer is asking for information. They are searching for it. They are allowing brands to have a conversation with them. Permission Based Marketing was the final nail in the coffin for Don Draper and at the same time gave birth to Content Marketing.

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Pitch ElevationThe key to a great pitch is your ability to engage, educate and inspire your audience.It’s not about your slides or your past work for other clients. With Pitch Elevation you will soon be the presenter you always wanted to be!

Download Pitch Elevation and learn how Michael Weiss, a digital agency veteran, has been engaging audiences from the board room to the TEDx stage for the past 30 years.

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I know it is easier to simply reuse old slide decks and regurgitate what you put in the proposal. But, that is not going to differentiate you. You have to assume that is what your competition is going to do and you don’t want to be like them, right? Don’t try so hard. You don’t have to tell the whole story. In fact if you do, you are going to run out of time, rush through, bore your audience or maybe all three. Find the most interesting, creative, differentiating points and talk about them; embellish them; stretch them out.  It will inspire you because it is the best part of your story and in return the audience will be engaged.

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